Writings (mine)

In progress:     “ethno-cine-poet: The films of Robert Gardner” In Films of Robert Gardner, Charles Warren and Rebecca Meyers, SUNY Press, anticipated publication 2014.

2015: Experimental Filmmaking: Break the Machine, under contract with Focal press.

2014:  “Do no harm: the ethnographic animations of Robert Ascher”  in Experimental Film and Anthropology edited by Arnd Schneider and Caterina Pasqualino, Bloombury Publishing, Oxford England.

2013:   “A word is not always just a word, sometimes it is an image: Musings about and part of a screenplay for Yanqui WALKER and the OPTICAL REVOLUTION” in Anthropology and Art Practice edited by Arnd Schneider and Christopher Wright, Bloomsbury Publishing, Oxford England.

2011:    “Productive Dissonance and Sensuous Image-Making: Visual anthropology and experimental film”, In Made to be Seen: Perspectives on a History of Visual Anthropology, University of Chicago Press, Jay Ruby and Marcus Banks, eds.

2010:    “Economics and culture of the film avant-garde: networks and strategies in the circulation of films, ideas and people”, In Jump Cut, No. 52, Summer 2010.

2007:    “Eye/Body: The Cinematic Paintings of Carolee Schneemann”, In Women’s Experimental Cinema: Critical Frameworks, Duke University Press, Robin Blaetz, ed

2003:    “Thaw 03”, The Independent Film and Video Monthly, September 2003.

2002:  “Between Art, Industry and Academia:  The Fragile Balancing Act of the Film Avant-Garde”, Visual Anthropology Review, Volume 18, Nos. 1-2.

1999:    Review of Catherine Russell’s Experimental Ethnography in Visual Anthropology Review, Volume 15 number 1, spring/summer 1999.

PhD. Socio-Cultural Anthropology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 2006
Dissertation: Is the Film Avant-Garde Still Avant-Garde?: Economics and Culture of Artisanal Moving-Image Makers available through inter-library loan from Temple University’s Iwaski Library.

Writings (others)

Psychogeographies essay by Penny Lane discussing my film Yanqui WALKER and the OPTICAL REVOLUTION alongside work by Jason Livingston and Joel Schlemowitz that she programmed in a Flaherty NYC show at Anthology Film Archives in March 2011.

Exchange with filmmaker friend Michael Hoolboom – reconnecting after many years he reviews Yanqui WALKER and the OPTICAL REVOLUTION.

Educational Media Reviews Online reviews Yanqui WALKER and the OPTICAL REVOLUTION and recommends it.