flying A (west #1) (2010)

3 3/4 minutes, 16mm, bw silent. 2010. loop installation.

Flying A (WEST #1) is a found object rephotographed and hand-processed where horses run backwards, guns swallow their bullets and a man un-dies.

Part of a series of films examining American expansionism and the mythology of “the WEST”, Flying A is a silent, terse 4 minute deconstruction of a snippet of a typical American Western film with a shoot out, fist fight and cattle rustling. As the dramatic narrative winds up in reverse we travel from THE END of the conflict to where it begins, with two cowboys under a tree.


Northhampton Film Festival, 2017

TIE – The International Experimental Cinema Exposition at the Institute for Contemporary Art, Boston, April 1, 2012

MassArt Film Society, January, 2011.

Forward Festival, Washington DC.March 30 – April 3rd, 2011

Premiere 2011 Experimental Media Program, Washington DC Project for the Arts

Finalist 2011 Kraft Media Prize

Finalist 2011 WPA Experimental Media Prize